01. She usually went to the library to study because there was so much [noise] in the student residences.
02. The soldiers were awoken by the [noise] of gunfire.
03. We heard a [noise] in the cupboard, and when we opened the door, there was a mouse there eating the cookie crumbs.
04. The demonstrators were [noisily] protesting outside the conference center where the President was scheduled to appear.
05. The cat crept [noiselessly] towards the birds.
06. This electric motor is almost totally [noiseless].
07. These missiles are practically [noiseless], so the enemy won't hear them coming.
08. The children were being [noisy], so the teacher told them to quiet down.
09. The crowd cheered [noisily] as the players came out onto the ice.
10. There is a strange [noise] coming out of my engine. I think I'd better take my car to a mechanic.
11. My neighbor is always having [noisy] parties late at night. I'm going to complain to the landlord.
12. The boys were [noisily] eating their lunches on the grass outside the school.
13. Seattle is such a big, [noisy] city. I much prefer Port Townsend.
14. We walked into the [noisy], crowded station and bought our tickets.
15. Samuel Johnson once said, "Of all [noises], I think music is the least disagreeable."
16. A Filipino proverb notes that the [noisiest] drum has nothing but air inside.
17. In the 1920s, people were not allowed to eat popcorn in most movie theaters because it was too [noisy].
18. He couldn't sleep because of the [noise] coming from the apartment beside him.
19. Wedding banquets in Hong Kong are often long, [noisy], and expensive affairs.
20. The people who live in the apartment downstairs from us sure make a lot of [noise] on weekends.
21. Chinese opera was originally a street performance, and great [noise] would be made with drums and bells at the beginning of the show in order to attract an audience.
22. Does the [noise] of the radio bother you? If it does, I'll turn it off.
23. We planted some trees at the back of our yard to keep [noise] from coming from the road.
24. The [noise] of traffic is one of the worst things about living downtown.
25. The classroom was filled with the [noise] of 30 excited children.
26. It takes a lot of concentration to study in a house full of children and [noise].
27. A lot of the music I hear nowadays just sounds like [noise] to me. I much prefer the music of the 1970s.
28. The lions crept [noiselessly] through the long grass to where the gazelles were grazing.
29. She couldn't stand all the [noise] of working in the factory, so she quit her job.
30. He worked for years in the steel mills, and lost his hearing due to the [noise] there.
31. [Noise] pollution is a serious problem in many large cities.
32. The buzzing sound of flies and bees is produced simply by the [noise] of their wings moving up and down at a rapid rate.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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